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From strategy development to data analytics, Enavia®’s simplified processes will make your commercial teams more agile, and improve the ROI of your go-to-market.

improved roi

A more efficient use of resources and an automation of costly manual processes will help you achieve more with less.

Wondering how much you can save on your commercial success plans with our pharmaceutical platform?

Brand strategy development

A structured cloud-based system provides your teams with tools to guide them through the brand strategy development process.

Data analytics

Enavia® will automatically save your strategic decisions, building a database that can be reviewed by senior and commercial managers alike in a single dashboard.

This, in turn, builds your foundation for future AI projects and machine-learning methodologies to identify success drivers in your decision-making.

Data aggregation

The Reviewer Dashboard is a tool that allows for easy visualization of global and local plans, as well as comparing different brands, regions, demographics, and areas of therapy.

Data Connection

Our platform can connect to any other data source via APIs, allowing you to easily transfer information between Enavia® and other platforms, such as Veeva, Salesforce, or Data Lake.

Data science

Enavia® captures your strategic decisions and enables you to apply success driver analytics based on machine-learning, and artificial intelligence methodologies.

About our simplified processes

Enavia’s® interconnected modules and automated creation of slides allow your teams to prepare better plans about a faster pace.

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