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Customer success is our currency.
We provide more than just software. Our mandate is to make you successful!

Reviewer Dashboard

Enavia is superior any other planning methodology, because the information in Enavia plans are stored in a database. This allows our customers to aggregate and interrogate all brand strategy information available. For all of your products, in every country, for every year.

Data Science

How to know which of your strategic decisions had a positive impact to your brand performance?

You may be surprised, but your brand plans are storing all your strategic brand decisions. Enavia is the only tool that captures your strategic brand decisions in a way that allows you to run high sophisticated success driver analytics based on neuronal network, machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies.

Neural Networking Success Driver Analysis

Data Aggregation via Reviewer Dashboard

Data Connection API import/export

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Do you require tailored modules and functions?

Enavia is a modular built framework. Every customer installation comes with Logo and look & feel adaptations according to the customer’s corporate identity.
In case your company needs further customization, such as: Single-Sign-On, customized data storage, new modules (e.g. Forecasting module), no problem.

Our team consist of excellent Software Engineers, UX-Designers and data-base specialists. Additionally, we have experience in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years.

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Training & Onboarding

Exploring new approaches requires excellent guidance. Our team will support all your change management and training initiatives.

We have a fantastic team of senior strategy consultants with minimum 15 years experience within the pharmaceutical industry, mostly in the field of commercial excellence.

We know Enavia and we know brand strategy development. You are the expert for your brand, disease area and company. Let´s bring both worlds together to make the implementation as smooth as it can be.

Context-based Learning Elements

Connecting existing training pieces or creating content that users can view in Enavia either as a video or a document.

Virtual Training Session

Team Training in a virtual (WebEx) setup to allow Q&A and guided working directly in Enavia

Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Enabling your internal staff to become black-belt Enavia Masters. Self-Servicing capabilities

Learning by Doing with Mentors

Teams working in Enavia utilizing not only the curated training materials, but also colleagues with Enavia experience

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