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What is in it for the Brand Teams creating the brand strategy?


Strategic Planning becomes faster. All information, insights and decisions stored in your own strategy database.


Guided planning process and tools to develop best-in-class brand strategies and implementation plans.


Enavia is the one source of the truth for the whole brand team. Every team member works always on the latest version of the strategy.

What is in it for Commercial Excellence owning the process?

Strategy Decision Database

Using Enavia creates automatically a library of strategic decision. Imaging to drive AI projects with your Enavia, Veeva and clinical data.

Easy Implementation

The Enavia team supports you with embedding Enavia in your organization. We are equally experienced in roling out IT projects as strategic initiatives and scale up in pharma.

Digital Workflow

Digital Transformation is a buzz-word these days. What if, you could really live up to it and transform & disrupt traditional business processes. Enavia is doing exactly this.

What is in it for Senior Management responsible for corporate success?


Enavia’s Reviewer Dashboard aggregates all strategic plans. All data are aggregated, interrogateble and can be exported to other systems.


Consistency in planning makes all employees lives easier. Users benefit from increased decision quality and reviewers can focus on the core strategic questions.


Planning becomes lighter and easierwith enavia. All plans are archived and form the blueprint of subsequent planning years. Your employees spend less time creating slides.

What is in it for Local Product Teams adapting Global Strategies to local market needs?

Improved Tactics

Enavia’s story-flow ensures tactics are targeting real sources of business and resources are spend on impactful initiatives.

Easier Planning

Tools, Questions, context-based training elements and automation allow for quick and easy planning.

Shortened Timelines

Automated data-transfer and all information in one platform secures very quick planning cycles and reduced efforts. More time for tactical execution.

What is in it for General Managers accountable for affiliate growth?

Robust Forecasts

Acurate situational analyzes and eliminated versioning trouble ensures higher forecasting accuracy. Assumptions are logically developed and traceable.

Saved Resources

Teams are spending less time in leg-work duties, e.g. slide creation. Brand Teams can focus on helping patients receiving the treatment they need.

KPI Monitoring

Enavia’s Reviewer Dashboard is a powerful KPI monitoring tool even in local affiliate environment. Analyze and follow-up with your product teams.