Transform your entire Brand Planning Process

Modular by design & designed to connect

Enavia benefits from independent and interconnected modules within the closed chapters of General, Analytics, Access, Strategy Development and Execution.

Chapter 1: General

The General chapter houses ten modules where you collect your Competitor, Brand, Disease, Therapy, Clinical and Customer Profile data to enable deeper analysis. There is also your Market Overview where you can view your market value and market share volume.  The chapter concludes with your Learnings to Date.

Chapter 2: Analytics

In the Analytics section, there are currently four  modules helping you conduct the three most essential analysis – mandatory for a successful brand plan. This is the Patient Flow, the Patient Journey, the Relative Competitive Analysis and a Dynamic Timeline visible by 1, 3 or 5 years.

Chapter 3: Access

The Access Chapter contains modules to analyse and define Strategic Pricing, Access Engagement Plans and Access Evidence Value Drivers – valuable for a user’s Situational Analysis.

Chapter 4: Strategy Development

In the Strategy chapter, Enavia brings together all the insights and data from the three previous sections and enables brand teams to develop a very clear strategic vision with the modules of Collection Point, Business Issues, Prioritization and Critical Success Factors.


Chapter 5: Execution

The Execution section takes these strategic choices and helps the user build a tactical plan which includes budget allocation and timelines.

Additional features that enable cross-functional collaboration


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