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Modular by Design & Designed to Connect

Benefits from independent and interconnected modules within the closed chapters of Analytics, Access, Strategy Development and Execution

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1. General

Capture all you brand related information and share it with the whole team or even with all you countries involved. Analysis already starts here. Define your SWOT items where you do the information gather.

2. Analytics

Enavia provides you with several tools to transform your information into insights. E.g. the Patient Flow module. Also helpful, the Relative Competitive Analysis Module or the Timeline Dynamics Module, which is connected to large study databases.

3. Access

The Access section allows you to analyse your access stakeholders and the level of engagement. Furthermore, Access financials and Value Drivers modules.

4. Strategy Development

Great strategies are focusing on real sources of Business and speak to the Drivers & Barriers. Enavia helps you to identify your sources of Business as well as Drivers & Barriers. The magic happens when you bring both together and create pragmatic strategic choices.

5. Execution

Tactics have to be aligned with your Strategy! Good that Enavia comes with a logically connected planning pathway. All your tactical spends are connected to tactical objectives and strategic choices. This ensures you are executing your strategy best.

Features that enable and empower cross-functional teams


All your presentation slides are going to be generated automatically in the Presentation Module. If you want, they can look like your company slides.

Dashboard & Data Aggregation

As your entire Brand Plan is stored in a database within Enavia, all your decisions, figures and information can be aggregated and interrogated. Use Enavia’s Dashboard or your own BI tool.

Question Guided Strategic Analysis

Enavia’s tools are set up as intuitive as possible to ensure users build their plans easily. We don’t like empty boxes, whereever possible Enavia asks questions to simplify the process.