Case Study

Multinational biotech improves planning efficiency by 33% with an Enavia test run

The Client: A multinational Switzerland based biotech

The affiliate brand team quickly understood the power of Enavia and the benefits it would bring to their complex brand planning process but were faced with a challenge of implementation within a hard to navigate global change management structure.

The Challenge: Poor Collaboration and Connectivity

The client reported a situation which the Enavia team sees frequently. Brand planning was in relatively good shape. The content and the flow of the PowerPoint templates were acceptable, but for some time cracks had started to show in its implementation. Affiliates were diluting and modifying the templates creating their own local versions of the plans and difficulties had formed in aligning cross functions behind one strategy – so consistency and version control had disappeared – yet the client had never considered nor realised there was an alternative solution.

The Solution: Cloud-Based Brand Planning

The global office bought into the benefits of Enavia immediately and were keen to move forward. However, anticipating a lengthy installation process involving various global business units, they opted for implementation to be tested in one live market initially.  Running a pilot project enabled them to identify acceptance criteria and learn of any pitfalls in preparation for a global roll-out. The UK affiliate was selected as the test habitat. Despite the UK having complex healthcare system structures, it is one of the client’s core commercial countries and had just launched a new asset in dermatology.


We particularly appreciated the pilot project offer so we could test the tool without having to convince our global colleagues and commit to a global contract”.


The Business Objectives: A Global Roll out?

The key success drivers for the global team was to get a proof of concept that would help senior management decide whether a global roll-out would benefit the common company goals plus they wanted all aspects of change management to be considered.

The Implementation: Benefiting from Consulting Team Support

As part of the pilot project offer, the UK team had access to the AvenueBio Associates consulting team – creators of Enavia. Drawing upon many years strategic planning in industry, the consultants attended face to face implementation workshops ensuring the core client team were fully re-thinking their strategic options whilst leveraging the huge potential the cloud-application could bring to their brand team. As Enavia comes with pre-loaded data, the Brand Plan was captured, inputted and navigated through quickly. The client’s corporate language was also infused within the tool, to enable a seamless transition and positive user experience for all. Managed entirely by a dedicated Enavia install team and in a reassuring highly secure environment, the core team were up and running within two weeks.  A big success factor was the regular meetings between the client and the Enavia team to ensure a smooth infusion of Enavia within the client’s business processes.


“This tool is so simple to use and set-up; it makes the planning process totally clear, simplified and connected. Loved the pre-loaded data option and the presentation tool.” 


The Results: Resource Saving; Consolidation; Connectivity; Strategic thinking

At the outset, the pilot project need was triggered by a realisation that local teams were modifying brand plans and were not aligning to global planning. They soon experienced that Enavia had consolidated their plan into one single shared framework, removing the opportunity for temptation to modify templates to suit the local environment.  They were further encouraged with the time saving benefit of Enavia and the connectivity of the platform. Senior management were enthused that the reporting functions would be part of the process with access to their own global dashboard and overviews to at least follow progress.

In addition, the core team were appreciative of the strategic thinking Enavia forces, which in turn aligned their strategic approach. They had clearly identified their drivers and barriers for success and unlocked core opportunities for the new brand for their local market.

Overall, they estimated that they had increased their planning efficiency by 33% by reducing time to create and update slides, finding it easier to review and monitor the processes and deliver higher quality planning. They were also confident that their improved strategic decision making will result in better tactical spending.

On a larger scale, the global team were able to identify parts in the planning process that where harder to implement than others. This was a great indicator for where the process had room for tailored improvement. The UK pilot project had allowed the client and Enavia to work together to tailor the tool to a degree that supported the future roll-out to other affiliates and therefore increased the chances for a successful global roll-out.


“According to the client´s project team, the overall time brand teams spent planning was reduced by an impressive 33% vs the former process.”


The Conclusion

The client’s experience of running a local test was two-fold. They immediately appreciated the full potential and benefits of performing their brand planning in the cloud, using the technology to take as much legwork away from their brand team.   This in turn meant that they could revert their energy onto strategic thinking and executing the Plan. Secondly, they welcomed the offer of an initial trial period – not having to commit to a full licence from day one – and the opportunity to learn from and modify the tool to suit global use.

However, despite these positive outcomes and for a successful global launch, a solid change management process had to come. The Enavia team worked closely with the brand teams and all the relevant business units to ensure everyone understood the new concepts and processes. Once the theory and the technology behind the Enavia planning process was understood and that the approach resulted in a very consistent and rigid planning execution, management and business unit heads were on board.

Overall, the pilot’s success was demonstrated in the likely roll out of Enavia worldwide across several therapy areas and assets.


“Since implementation, the regional and global commercial teams of our new asset, became interested and skip forward a few months, am now delighted to learn that we are on the verge of a global roll out.  Thanks to Enavia team for their support throughout this process to deliver a bespoke tool.”