Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of answers to questions you might have. In case you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please contact us.

1. What is Enavia?

  • Enavia provides a new and unique approach to strategic brand planning combining state-of-the-art planning tools and techniques with cloud-technology.
  • Enavia transforms the entire brand planning process into an easier and less time-consuming task, using a sophisticated and robust platform.

2. Who developed Enavia?

  • Enavia is part of PurpleLeaf Strategy – Strategy Development and Digitizing Consultants to the pharma industry.
  • The team had worked in industry within brand planning and strategy development for many many years, which had equipped them with a deep understanding of the frustrations the process can bring. The idea of creating a simplified cloud-based system with advanced analytical techniques was then born.

3. Who should use Enavia?

  • Enavia enables completion of your brand plan by global cross-functional teams. It is accessible to multiple individuals, anywhere and at anytime. Enavia is therefore suitable for global, regional and country level brand plan leaders and teams – anyone who is responsible and involved in the annual brand plan process.
  • Furthermore, Enavia gives senior management and reviewers the opportunity to view the brand plan status and aggregated figures. The review process provides a much more transparent and consistent view.

4. How is it different to my current brand planning process?

  • This depends on how you intend to use Enavia. The platform comes with several modules designed to efficiently and effectively create a solid brand strategy.
  • If you are happy with your current brand planning content, Enavia can, due to its modular structure, house tailored modules.
  • The biggest difference you might feel, is that you spend far less time creating and formatting PowerPoint slides. Instead, Enavia automatically generates slides directly from the planning modules for you to share with your team.
  • Take a look at our interactive cost calculator tool to gain a view on how much time and money your brand teams spend on brand planning.

5. What does the system look like?

  • The Enavia platform has been designed to simplify the brand planning process. Its format is logical, streamlined and easy to use.
  • Enavia is structured into five chapters, each containing several modules, specifically designed to follow all the critical steps in strategic development with question-guided analysis.
  • Due to its modular setup we can also reduce the amount of modules and complexity should you are looking for a lean planning framework.

6. Who will have access to Enavia?

  • Whether your team consists of 5 members or 99, everyone will get access through their own personal account.
  • One person in your team is required to take the role of the Brand Plan Owner, who is the main point of contact for that Plan.
  • Senior Management or reviewers can receive access to the Reviewer Dashboard. This can be useful, as whilst they will not be individually working on the plan, will have access to aggregated views of the dashboard and the status of all brand plans among many other overviews.

7. What impact will Enavia have to me and my team?

  • The Enavia tool will dramatically reduce time and effort for multiple team members.
  • As the whole team will work on the same plan, there will be no confusion as to which version is the current one. Enavia provides one version of the truth.
  • The context-based learning modules will help new team members get up to speed quickly.

8. Can the system be customized to my own brand?

  • Yes, we provide different levels of customization:
  • Level A – visual adaptation to reflect your company´s brand colour palette and logo.
  • Level B – adaptation towards your company’s terms and language, reworking the existing modules to match your company planning process.
  • Level C – although we believe that you would be able to develop a very strong brand strategy with the “out-of-the-box” Enavia modules, there is the possibility to create additional modules, to match your specific situation.

9. What set up and support will I receive?

  • The Enavia support team provides a thorough set up service with on-going technical email support plus telephone tool support for content issues, if required.
  • The tool comes with the facility to pre-load your data, which as part of your set-up, the Enavia team will do for you.
  • There are several self-play training tutorials and guides available to use within the tool.
  • Post set up, you will receive complimentary software updates and newly developed functions and updates.

10. How secure is the tool?

  • We provide a highly secure platform environment supported by ISO 27001 SOC 1 and SOC 2; SSAE16/ISAE 3402; PCI Level 1; FISMA Moderate; Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and includes Amazon Web Services which provides Infrastructure Security Protection against DDoS attacks, Data Encryption Inventory & Configuration Monitoring and Logging Penetration Testing Identity & Access Control.
  • As we own Enavia, we are able to support any IT security requirememnt. Please speak to us about your specific needs.

11. How long will it take to set-up?

  • The level of customization determines the set-up time. For example, the ‘Out-of-the-box’ Enavia solution can be turned on in minutes, whereas Level C module design and creation may take a couple of weeks.

12. What licenses are available?

  • You can purchase a variety of licenses and packages which are designed towards the individual customer needs and situation.
  • A Pilot Project license is also available, in the first instance.

13. What does a pilot project entail?

  • To ensure Enavia is right for your company, the pilot project will help you test run and appreciate the full potential and benefits of performing brand planning in the tool.
  • You will benefit from access to the consulting team, implementation workshops and pre-loaded data in the tool to get you going.

14. How much will it cost me?

  • We know that all our clients are different in terms of their company structure, needs and goals. To understand our pricing model, we recommend we have a conversation so we can understand your challenges and provide you with a fair and reasonable price.
  • However, Enavia User licenses start from 89,-€ p.m.

15. What are the next steps?

  • We highly recommend that you have a no obligation demo of Enavia. This is a 45-minute teleconference call suitable for either your decision maker(s) and/or for the wider team. Drop us an email at contact@purpleleafstrategy.com or complete our demo request form the website.

16. How do I find out more?

  • Let’s have a conversation; look around the website or request a demo.
  • View our interactive brand plan cost calculator which is a handy tool to understand how much time and money you spend on brand planning within your organization and how much you would be able to safe by using Enavia.