Next Generation Strategy Development


Enavia is unique cloud-based planning system that transforms how pharma companies develop, refine and measure their brand strategy and planning

Putting cloud-technology into Pharma

Working together to digitally streamline your business processes, delivering the next level of effectiveness.

  • Simplify
  • To-the-point
  • Effective
  • Embedded

Brand Planning Cost Calculator

Get a feeling for the resources your company invest each and every year in brand strategy development. Our calculator also shows the saving potential, when the process gets improved.

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Our Services

Brand Planning (cloud)

Pharma Brand Strategy Development on a cloud-based system for simplified processes and razor-sharp strategies. 
Next generation planning.

Data & Insights

Data generation for in-market and launch products. Insights pre-popoulation infusing your strategy development and planning efforts.

Account Planning (cloud)

Key Account management made easy on a cloud-based account planning tool. All accounts and background information on a fingertip.


Analyzing, designing, developing and implementing your business processes and tools in a cloud/digital solution. Increased efficacy through automation and intuitive UX.

Medical Marketing Content

Designing and developing medical marketing content for your Sales Force calls and remote customer interactions.

Virtual Detailing & CRM (cloud)

Allowing your Sales Force to interact and follow-up with their HCPs. A cloud solution tailored to specific pharma needs.

Strategy Consulting

Our expertise at your service. We are specialized in Pharma & Biotech Commercial & Launch Excellence. Bringing your projects to life.

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